Wendy Speicher

From the Amazon jungles to the Northern California wilderness and beyond, through storytelling Wendy Speicher has been sharing her love of adventure and wild places with people around the world for nearly 20 years. Her work as a writer, marketer, therapist, and instructor inspires people to engage more fully and deeply with their environment and realize their unique potential. In media, she has been a Journalist at a host of various print and online newspapers and magazines, Website Editor for Tahoe.com, Marketing Director at Mountain Hardware and Sports, and Content Strategist for Charter College. She is the author of Day & Section Hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail, 2010 and Best Tent Camping in Northern California, 2018. She currently teaches Yoga & Spin while working full-time as the mother of two beautiful children, Archer, 5, and new arrival Poppy (12/28/17). As our in house writer for Good Blood Media, Wendy blends her journalistic and holistic background to help Good Blood Media create soulful, authentic,  and powerful narratives for our clients. Wendy takes the human stories and moments artfully captured in the field and crafts compelling stories to life on the screen. In addition to driving narratives in post production for Good Blood Media videos, Wendy writes digital content for our clients including website content and blogs. In her off-time, Wendy can be found enjoying the outdoors - kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and swimming -  with her family and friends.

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