Ryan McPherson

Ryan has honed his craft as a cinematographer over the past decade and is the epitome of a camera ninja: light on his feet, tactical, aware, and relentless. Ryan often shoots in stressful situations and in technical, dangerous and remote terrain. He possesses an acute attention to detail, and often plays the role of a fortune teller, he always seems to be one step ahead of the action and finds himself in the right place and the right time. Ryan is an Emmy® award winning cinematographer and has shot on a variety of hit shows including: "Life Below Zero", "Ice Road Truckers", "Wicked Tuna", "Swords", "Man Hunt", "Port Protection", "Deadliest Catch", to name a few. Between extensive rigging & waterproofing A/V systems, motion controlled time lapse photography, licensed drone piloting, and years of run-and-gun, ENG experience, he covers a lot of ground cinematically speaking, with a diverse set of skills that allows him a level of flexibility while on set, at the same time minimizing the over-all footprint of the production. Ryan has shot on location in 6 out of the 7 continents, 20+ countries, but has a deep appreciation for Brazil where he has explored and documented over 40 undiscovered rivers, armed merely with camping gear, rations and camera equipment tucked in the back of a whitewater kayak. When he is not in "the trenches" with his camera, you can find him paragliding high above the Sierra Nevada Mountains, driving cross-country in his 40-foot home on wheels or traveling the back roads of Nepal on a three-dollar a day rented motorcycle..


Ryan McPherson

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