Pedro Rutman-Pagnocelli

Born in the small mountain town of Lumiar in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Pedro is our South American Ambassador, our creative guru and a model partner of the “Good Blood” community. Pedro joined Good Blood Media in 2017 as an integral part of our marketing branch and acts as the creative director and digital marketing strategist, managing digital graphics & web applications, social media strategies, organic SEO applications, and CAD systems. Although he spends most of the day in the tech world, Pedro finds himself day-dreaming about his true passion and master-craft , which is artistry. This guy has some serious talent whether its hand-drawn ink work, water-colors, graphic design and original custom art with varied mediums.
Pedro recently teamed up with his brother, Bruno to pursue a passion project that enables large scale ecological forest restoration, in order to repopulate the precious Brazilian rainforests that have been plagued by massive logging campaigns and clear cutting for cattle production. The “Nucleario Project” design was awarded the Germany- RedDot Award, Singapore, GreenDot, Brazil, IdeaBrasil and the BraunPrize & IDSA awards in the US. Pedro’s drive and motivation matches his passion for new and immersive projects, and his love for the environment, nature, and our future. When it comes down to the roots of GBM, Pedro is the definition of Good Blood; someone we are proud of, that sets good examples and pushes us to be our best. Take a look at one of his latest art projects that incorporates his artist style into scalable merchandise sold throughout the vast country of Brazil. or We forgot to mention… he is also a world class kayaker! You can see him in action

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