Katie McPherson

A Montana native, Katie moved to California in 2005 and began producing documentary films from her pursuits as a professional whitewater kayaker. Her drive to tell stories with substance and explore the unknown has sent Katie to the deepest gorges in Asia, to the back channels of the Nile river in Africa, and to the thickest jungles in South America directing extreme sports, and environmental documentaries. Katie worked in marketing and business development for non-profits and Silicon Valley start-ups before she returned to her home in film production. Katie is methodical in uncomfortable situations and disciplined in harsh environments. She currently works as a producer for major TV networks such as CBS, A&E, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC Worldwide. Katie digs deep to find stories that bring intrigue and new perspective, and she aspires to progress the entertainment standard. Katie is as smart as she is tough and will not be outworked on any film set. When she is not on a shoot, you can find her skiing the backcountry of Montana, retrofitting her motorhome for the next adventure, and surfing past sunset.


Katie McPherson

Founder / Producer

Ryan McPherson

Founder / Director of Photography

Scott Dean

Director of SEO & Senior VP of Software Development

Scott Blankenfeld

Chief Strategy Officer/Operations Manager

Pedro Rutman-Pagnocelli

Creative Director/Digital Marketing Strategy

Michael DeJohn

Post Production Supervisor

Armando Gonzales

Chief Editor/Sound Engineer