Fifteen years ago founders Katie and Ryan McPherson started their own journey as river explorers, whitewater kayaking some of the earth’s most wild and unknown rivers.

As wandering nomads, they mastered the art of going places very few people could even imagine, let alone access. They lived their own stories and over time developed a unique lens, through which they see.

Their talent spoke for itself landing them jobs on award winning TV series for major networks which led them to found Good Blood Media.

“Sangue Bom", which means good blood, is a Brazilian phrase Katie and Ryan discovered through their travels that describes a breed of people who live by integrity, loyalty, honesty, and generosity.

Ryan and Katie McPherson, Founders of Good Blood Media

Along with their Emmy® award winning development & production team, GBM has branched out and joined forces with a progressive, industry leading marketing division that brings the much needed synergy, strategy and creative technologies to the plate. Now-a-days its more than a company…  Its a family.

With its new direction Good Blood Media is primed & focused on connecting authentic consumers with the like mind brands and create a co-dependent culture steeped in mutual respect, user engagements, and organic "chemistry".

Katie McPherson

Founder / Producer

Ryan McPherson

Founder / Director of Photography

Scott Dean

Director of SEO & Senior VP of Software Development

Scott Blankenfeld

Chief Strategy Officer/Operations Manager

Pedro Rutman-Pagnocelli

Creative Director/Digital Marketing Strategy

Michael DeJohn

Post Production Supervisor

Armando Gonzales

Chief Editor/Sound Engineer